Ombre Paper Chain Wall Hanging


This paper chain wall hanging is so easy to make with colorful Astrobrights cardstock. Create an ombre paper chain with five coordinating colors.


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  2. Posted by shreyatana, — Reply

    Honestly? Screw it I’ve got enough quarantine time to waste

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    this would be something to do during quarantine

  4. Posted by kayceemccuen, — Reply

    Bi paper

  5. Posted by zoya_juneja, — Reply


  6. Posted by lavanayal4400, — Reply

    truly FANTASTIC

  7. Posted by gracesmith3930, — Reply

    that is amazing

  8. Posted by ghina2006, — Reply

    amazing :)

  9. Posted by ramsden0727, — Reply

    How long does it take to make that😵

  10. Posted by dominguezana7438, — Reply

    How can you make it!?

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